A Surprise Update Is Coming Up... 🎁

A Surprise Update Is Coming Up... 🎁

Oh, we are so eager to present you with our new engine as soon as possible!

The rapid growth over the past two years began to affect the speed of work and stable service. So for the last half a year the whole team has been working on a new TMM version. And we are at the finish line! Hope 🀞 to start the beta test in late October or early November. So in 2023 let's fly a rocket πŸš€

The update is so comprehensive, all servers are migrating with all your data on them. Do not panic! It's safe πŸ‘Œ

The update gonna be released in several stages:

1st stage is a closed beta test, accessible to the traders who have applied.

There will be an announcement and an opportunity to apply in our Telegram (follow the updates). You will get a premium subscription or an extension of your current one, for participation in the testing.
* The current working version of the journal will also be available in the same time.

2nd stage. Everyone will get an opportunity to upgrade to the new version in the dashboard, after the closed beta test is finished. The old version will no longer be the main one. The public profiles, trades and TOP traders will switch to the new version.

The transition phase will last at least 3 months. If during this period you have not migrated to the new version, your data will be archived and the transition will be available only upon request.

The update will make the service more reliable and stable. Everything you are used to will remain unchanged, just in a new design πŸ›Έ

πŸ‘€ Let's see what's new:

  1. Instant trades and balance calculation

There will be no more fields that are calculated only after the closing of the trade - everything is calculated and updated in real time.

2. Open trades will get more and more accurate information

You will be able to see your average exit point if you close the market at the moment, as well as your percentage and final profit on the trade, including floating.

3. The Telegram-bot full update

Reports navigation will be improved.

You can send screenshots without compression.

The new bot will become more beautiful and concise πŸ™‚

The new bot will allow any admin to connect their account to the chat and receive notifications, when added a new member to a group. It will be possible to create a group of 10/100/1000 people. Everybody can connect to a single group and thus create a group signal chat.

There will also be more advanced settings with privacy mode.

4. TOP Traders

The method of calculating the traders' TOP has been completely changed. Now traders will be ranked by the only criterion, the increase in the deposit.

5 leagues will be reduced to 2.

It will take at least 3 weeks to change the league, but leaving the one will also not be so fast.

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There is also a small announcement for the ByBit users:

ByBit launched a new margin account (combined USDT & USDC), which needs a separate new API. The diary does not support this type of account. The trades made there will simply not be visible in the diary.

The benefit from the transition is not great yet, and if their updates are not critical for you, then we recommend that you do not switch to their new account type yet. But if you have already switched to a new type of account, you can create a sub-account and continue using the diary πŸ‘Œ