We Present You a Brand New Crypto Trading Telegram Bot!

We Present You a Brand New Crypto Trading Telegram Bot!

Let's start this blog and a new week with tremendous news! šŸš€
Tradermake.money has a Telegram chatbot now.
To connect your profile with the @TraderMakeMoneyBot follow the link: https://tradermake.money/app/account/telegram

Our bot can:

  • show report for day and week
  • notify when your order is filled
  • notify when your trade is closed and show your profit
  • you can see your open positions and share them with
    other telegram users

ā—ļø ** Filling orders and closing trades notifications is a unique feature having no analogs on the market today. It's available for TRADER and TRADER PRO accounts.

And the coolest thing is an opportunity to add the bot to any chat or channel in a telegram! This means you can share your success (or not really šŸ˜†) trades with colleagues! To brag or get advice!

To add the bot to your chat or channel:

  1. Add @TraderMakeMoneyBot
  2. Now everyone can write @TraderMakeMoneyBot DENTUSDT
    and the bot will insert its trade into the chat
  3. Share, learn, discuss and add value to your chat with our bot completely free

P.S. How to use the chatbot is shown in the video šŸ˜Ž

How to use TraderMakeMoneyBot

āœ”ļø UPD! There is also a new filtering option by the trade volume on the "My trades" and in the widgets settings. Specify the scope and get filtered out minor trades or indicate trades with exceeded risk management.