Discover the Power of TMM's Public Profile Feature

Discover the Power of TMM's Public Profile Feature

At TraderMake.Money (TMM), we always strive to offer tools that enhance your trading experience and transparency. One of the standout features of our trading journal is the Public Profile. This feature allows you to present your trading journey to the world and ensures accountability and transparency in your trading activities.

What is a Public Profile?

Think of your public profile as your personal trading business card. It includes:

  • Profile with Contact Information and Description: Share who you are and how to reach you.
  • Customizable Dashboard with Widgets: Tailor your profile with various widgets to display your trading stats and activities.
  • List of All Your Trades: Maintain a comprehensive and honest record of your trades.
  • Cumulative Profit Widget (Private Version): This mandatory widget ensures honesty by indicating whether you are profitable and showing the overall trend without revealing exact earnings.

Ensuring Transparency: No Hidden Trades

Transparency is key to trust, which is why TMM does not allow users to hide any trades on their public profile. Every trade is displayed, ensuring a clear and honest representation of your trading history. However, if you wish to start fresh, you can use the "start public history from" option. This feature hides all trades before a specified date but adds a warning to your profile to indicate this.

Customizing Your Public Profile

You can enhance your public profile with various widgets from the “Summary” section. While you can't filter these widgets, you can still personalize your dashboard to showcase your trading performance effectively.

Widgets setup

Participating in Top Traders Rankings

To join the top traders ranking, simply enable the toggle next to “Top Traders” and select one API key. This feature helps you compete with other traders and gain recognition for your success.

Top traders toggle

Managing Your Trade List

By default, the list of trades is disabled. You have the option to:

  • Show all trades
  • Show closed trades only
  • Show open trades only

You can also customize the display period to show trades from the last day, 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days.

Trades list example

Achieving a “PRO” Profile

Traders who enter the PRO League in the top traders ranking receive a unique background for their public profile, distinguishing them from other traders.

Personalization Options

Make your public profile uniquely yours by:

  • Uploading a custom background image (recommended size: 1920x500px)
  • Changing your avatar
  • Adding links to your social networks for easy contact
Custom background

A Word on Conduct

Please ensure your profile remains respectful and professional. Posting indecent or offensive pictures or descriptions can lead to a ban. Refer to our terms of use for more details.

Why Share Your Trading Results?

Sharing your trading results is not only exciting but also incredibly beneficial. As Tim Ferris wisely said, "The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion." By openly sharing your trading journey, you contribute to a transparent and honest trading community, helping others learn from your experiences.

Explore the Public Profile feature on TMM today and start making your mark in the trading world. Your example can inspire and educate others, fostering a more knowledgeable and thriving trading community.

Take advantage of this feature and show the world your capabilities. Happy trading!