A New Traders Battle is About to Start! It's Time to Release Tron

A New Traders Battle is About to Start! It's Time to Release Tron

The CRYPTOFLEET went through many dangerous battles, but each time it managed to emerge victorious and protect the Galaxy from the forces of Evil.

But it is not the time to relax yet! The enemy is ready to rise up and throw down a new challenge. The dark troops are already moving towards the planet TRON. We urgently need fighters!

And the planet Tron keeps a lot of valuable spoils...

For courage and bravery, we reward not only with honor, but also with valuable prizes. In this battle, you can get:

✔️ 2 yearly "Trader PRO" subscriptions + 26 months "Trader" subscriptions to our trading journal Trader Make Money

✔️ Our partner, ATAS (the #1 volumetric analysis platform), is giving away 20 monthly ATAS Global licenses, & free access to ATAS Crypto for all participants!

✔️ 20 months subscription to the advanced tt.tools screener from the online school for beginners and professional traders, investors and asset managers - Top Traders Academy.

✔️ 2-year licenses for eTrader (a tool for automatic trading on Binance crypto exchange) + 20% discount on the purchase of a trade copying system.

✔️ 5 strongest teams will be able to use all the functionality of the AutoOrders script (automation of the scalping trades routine) for 6 months for free + 6 months of free access to the Horizontal Level Screener service (the launch of the service is on 01/22/22) for all the participants.

✔️ 3 packages from the developers of "Trading Algorithms" trading indicators, which include: 8 indicators, 1 trading robot and 80+ training videos on volume analysis + 10% discount on developing your own indicator for the ATAC platform + IAAM indicator for 6 months.

Don't miss your chance to become the legendary heroes of the CryptoWar by winning the battle for Tron.

This time, Cryptoflot needs to earn $700,000 or more to win.
❗️ You can apply for registration from 17 to 23 January.

If you are a beginner ⤵️:

  1. Go to the registration page, create your own team or join an already created one
  2. Don't forget to invite like-minded people: share an invitation to join your team!
Join the battle

If you are an experienced fighter and have already gone through battles ⤵️:

  1. To join the battle go to your personal account in the toolbar, choose "CryptoWar" → "My battles"

Don't delay, because the battle begins on January 24!