Crypto Trade Tracking Spreadsheet vs. Automated Trading Journal: A Comparative Analysis

Crypto Trade Tracking Spreadsheet vs. Automated Trading Journal: A Comparative Analysis

In the vast and thrilling realm of cryptocurrency trading, where fortunes are forged, and possibilities abound, two stalwart companions emerge to aid traders in their quest for organized success: the trusty crypto trade tracking spreadsheet and the automated trading journal. Crypto trade tracking spreadsheets and automated trading journals are two popular options for managing trade data. This article will compare these two approaches and highlight the benefits of using a comprehensive trade tracking spreadsheet. Furthermore, we will present TraderMake.Money as an exemplary automated trading journal. We aim to provide an unbiased assessment and comparison, showcasing its reliability and features for traders to consider.

Crypto Trade Tracking Spreadsheet

A crypto trade tracking spreadsheet is a manual method of recording and managing trade data. It involves creating a spreadsheet, typically using software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, and manually inputting trade details such as date, time, cryptocurrency name, buy/sell price, quantity, fees, and notes. Here are some key advantages and considerations of using a trade tracking spreadsheet:


  1. Flexibility and Customization: With a trade tracking spreadsheet, you have complete control over the design and layout of your tracking system. Tailoring it to your specific needs and preferences becomes effortless as you have the freedom to add or modify columns.
  2. Analytical Capabilities: Spreadsheets offer robust analytical features, allowing you to perform calculations, generate reports, and analyze trade data in various ways. You can calculate profit and loss, track performance metrics, and conduct historical analysis to identify patterns and trends.
  3. Cost-Effective Solution: Trade tracking spreadsheets are typically free or have minimal costs, as they utilize widely available software. This makes them a cost-effective option for traders, especially those who prefer manual data management.


  1. Time and Effort: Maintaining a trade tracking spreadsheet manually requires regular updates and data entry. This process can be time-consuming, especially for active traders who execute numerous trades on different exchanges.
  2. Human Error: Manual data entry increases the risk of human error. Mistakes in recording trade details or miscalculations could lead to inaccurate performance analysis and reporting.

Automated Trading Journals

Automated trading journals, such as, are specialized tools designed to streamline the process of tracking and analyzing trades. They utilize advanced algorithms and integrations with exchanges to automate data collection. Here are some advantages and considerations of using an automated trading journal:


  1. Real-Time Data Sync: Automated trading journals seamlessly synchronize with your trading accounts and exchanges, fetching trade data in real time. Say goodbye to manual data entry as automation takes the stage, guaranteeing impeccable accuracy and unparalleled efficiency.
  2. Advanced Reporting and Analytics: These journals often provide comprehensive reporting and analytics features, offering insights into performance metrics, trade history, risk management, and more. They may also include visual representations of data, making it easier to interpret and analyze.
  3. Time-Saving: Automated trading journals significantly reduce the time and effort required for data management. Trades are automatically recorded and categorized, saving traders valuable time for other essential tasks.
  4. Customization Options: Automated trading journals offer flexibility in customization, allowing traders to tailor the platform to their preferences. They may include customizable dashboards, alerts, and notification settings, enabling traders to create a personalized trading experience.


  1. Cost: Unlike trade tracking spreadsheets, automated trading journals typically involve a subscription fee. Traders must assess the cost-benefit ratio based on their trading frequency and the features provided by the journal.
The cost of TraderMake.Money journal is equivalent to just a few cups of coffee. With its affordable pricing, it ensures that traders can access premium features without breaking the bank. It's a cost-effective solution that empowers traders to optimize their trade tracking and analysis without compromising their budget.
  1. Reliance on Third-Party Services: Utilizing an automated trading journal means relying on a third-party service provider. To safeguard the security and privacy of their data, traders must diligently research and opt for trustworthy platforms.

TraderMake.Money as an Automated Trading Journal

TraderMake.Money is an example of a reliable automated trading journal. It offers a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Key features include real-time data synchronization, performance analytics, risk management tools, and tax reporting capabilities. As a result, traders can rely on TraderMake.Money to automate data collection, track their trades, and gain valuable insights into their trading performance.


Both crypto trade tracking spreadsheets and automated trading journals offer valuable solutions for managing and analyzing trade data in cryptocurrency trading. While trade tracking spreadsheets provide flexibility and customization options, automated trading journals offer real-time data sync, advanced reporting, and time-saving automation.

When choosing between a trade tracking spreadsheet and an automated trading journal like TraderMake.Money, traders should consider their specific needs, trading frequency, and budget. Spreadsheet-based solutions are ideal for those who prefer manual control and customization. At the same time, automated trading journals offer convenience, accuracy, and advanced analytics.

Ultimately, the choice between a trade tracking spreadsheet and an automated trading journal depends on personal preferences, trading style, and the desired level of automation. Hence, it is crucial for traders to assess their needs, carefully examine the features and advantages of each option, and make an educated choice that aligns with their goals.

Whichever method traders decide, maintaining a comprehensive trade tracking system is crucial for tracking performance, analyzing trends, and making informed trading decisions. Whether it's through a trade tracking spreadsheet or an automated trading journal like TraderMake.Money, staying organized and keeping a record of trades is essential for success in the dynamic and evolving world of cryptocurrency trading.