ByBit is Now Available with TraderMake.Money Journal!

ByBit is Now Available with TraderMake.Money Journal!

We have added a new exchange!

Trade and analyze ByBit with TMM and you will always be one step ahead. All the tools of our journal are now available for ByBit users.

So far, we only support USDT Perpetual contracts!

Add the API key (read-only) and you will be able to:

  • analyze trades
  • create strategies
  • find and eliminate failed tactics
  • find profitable mechanics and trading tools for yourself
  • manage risks.

If you are still not using ByBit 👇

You miss a chance to get real-time market data, watch training videos, trade securely with 99.9% availability. The ByBit offers flexible staking and guaranteed income with the highest APY on the market!

But you also have a chance to get $20 ByBit bonus! Register on the exchange using our refferal link

Get ByBit bonus

* Please, pay attention! The TraderMake.Money does not provide financial advice, but provides a visual and textual analysis tool for your data.