Top Crypto Coins in 2022. Best Crypto For Day-Trading

Top Crypto Coins in 2022. Best Crypto For Day-Trading

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Short price shifting prediction turned a pop approach of trading cryptocurrencies, and some traders are suitable to do a fortune in a few hours. That's why cryptocurrency day trading is among the most moneymaking trading systems. Traders are opening positions in cryptocurrencies, grasping advantage of intraday movements in their prices. Day-trading success depends on timing and gathering better coin.

Thus, if you need to understand what are the best cryptos for day-trading, there are the list of them 👇


TWT is the token of one of the most popular crypto wallets. According to many market experts, today, TWT is one of the most promising coins in the long term.

Trust Wallet provides maintenance of its infrastructure. And when buying in the long term, it is important to buy infrastructure projects. This wallet is very convenient, and its important advantage is a mobile application, which allows you to save on buying an expensive hardware wallet.

The audience of their users today is huge. The massive use of crypto will obviously only grow over the years, and the demand for a convenient companion product will follow it. In addition, after integrating a few years ago, Binance and Trust Wallet have only strengthened their positions.

The current charts show a beautiful symmetrical triangle, the exit from which was expected upwards. The general negative sentiment in the markets pushed the price of the token down. There is also the formation of a class C bullish divergence. This is not a direct signal to enter a trade, but indicates an approaching reversal.

TWT can be an extremely interesting investment tool in the long run.


Bitcoin mining token and one of the most popular coins today. It has been holding the lead in coinmarketcap trends for several days now. GMT is based on Ethereum and supports the ERC20 standard. Very interesting for scalping.

Until recently, GMT did not have the opportunity to prove itself. Perhaps this is due to the general mood of the market or lack of interest. Since 2021, its value has been kept at $0.25.

However, the position of the coin has strengthened due to the recent listing on Binance, as well as thanks to the efforts of marketers who attracted Khabib Nurmagomedov to promote the token. That gave its results and attracted the attention of many traders.

Over the past month, the asset showed an increase of 1412.27%. With market capitalization at the date of publication of the article $1,393,322,758


Native SXP token from Swipe. The Swipe service immediately indicates a number of benefits to the token: physical VISA cards with the conversion of crypto to fiat currency, Binance investments, the launch of new applications from the service and its upcoming rebranding.

This altcoin is included in the category of "light" - this is the slang term for altcoin with high volatility, which is easy to both minus 50% and add 200% with one daily candle.


BTC is the most expensive currency. The premier digital asset’s general appeal and high liquidity makes it one of the best day trading coin.

Currently, there's barely an asset having common acceptance from exchanges like Bitcoin. Those who uses this asset have a chance to enjoy arbitrage trading as well.

Here and now, trading bitcoin should be careful, for a breakdown with instant stops at breakeven, another option is scalping within a triangle

Binance Coin

BNB is the most popularized exchange token. It was created by Binance (the world’s most important and huge exchange).

What are the explanations of BNB popularity? Firstly, it matches to Binance. This means that updates with the exchange will surely unmask over to affect BNB’s price.

BNB is also popular for its many usage cases within the Binance ecosystem. From fee payments to staking in the BB Vault, there are several functionalities that drive the coin's price.

BNB is likewise enough liquid. It's the third most costly cryptocurrency in the world, and is accepted by top crypto exchanges.


A coin listed among TOP-100. It has been firmly holding its positions for a long time.

After the launch, a key factor for the growth of the asset was the start of Sky Maven new decentralized platform (DEX) for the exchange of project tokens. This service allows users to buy and sell their AXS directly within the playground, without the need to list them on third-party exchanges.

Since the principle of operation of AXS is based on the gameplay, the asset has a high volatility. Today's market cap of the asset is $3,883,390,351, showing an increase of 23.66% over the last 30 days.

Solana (SOL)

Its market capitalization is more than $33 billion. Elaborated to assist power decentralized finance (DeFi) uses, decentralized apps (DApps) and smart contracts, Solana runs on a special cross proof-of- stake and proof-of- history mechanisms that assist it operation trades quick and securely. SOL, Solana’s aboriginal token, powers the platform.

When it produced in 2020, SOL’s price jumped at $0.77. By March 1, 2022, its price was about $101, a boost of closely.


DOGE has numerous arguments to reside among the best coins for day-trading. It's the bill child for meme coins that don’t especially have a use case, but which are quietly popular yet.

One thing that qualifies numerous meme coins is cost volatility. DOGE can witness its price vault by as much as 20 in a single day. Day trading this coin on such a day will be an advantage.

Day trading is a really moneymaking thing in the crypto market. It allows you to benefit off shifts in coin prices and offers a good chance for you to optimize your earnings. As long as you get the good plan and can discover the good coin, you should be capable to gain profit.

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